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Public Participation Form for Speaking at Council

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    I acknowledge that, if called to speak, I will only speak to the agenda item noted above in accordance with the City of Rosenberg Rules of Procedure, and that my comments will be limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes, except that a speaker who addresses the City Council through a translator is limited to six (6) minutes. I agree that I will not indulge in personalities, use language personally offensive, question motives of Members of the City Council, staff or the public, charge deliberate misrepresentation, or use language tending to hold a member of the City Council, staff or the public up to contempt. I understand that if I violate these rules, I am subject to removal from the City Council meeting.
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    Forms submitted online will be accepted up to 5:30 p.m. on the day of the City Council Meeting. No online submittals will be accepted after such time.  Any documentation you wish to provide should accompany this form when you present it to the City Secretary. This document provided becomes public record and is recorded with materials regarding the City Council.

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