Cooperative Procurement

A local government may participate in a cooperative procurement program with another local government or a local cooperative organization.

Texas Local Government Code §271.102

A local government that is participating in a cooperative procurement program may sign an agreement with another participating local government or a local cooperative organization stating that the signing local government will:

  • Designate a person to act in all matters relating to the program;
  • Make payments provided in the agreement;
  • Be responsible for a vendor’s compliance with provisions relating to the quality of items and terms of delivery.

A local government that procures goods or services under this subchapter satisfies any state law requiring the local government to seek competitive bids for the purchase of the goods or services.

Cooperative Organizations

The City of Rosenberg participates in the following cooperative programs:

BuyBoard Website
sourcewell website
HGAC website
TIPS website
choice partners website
Omnia website
SAOT Co-op
NCPA website

For more information on these programs please contact the cooperative directly using the contact information provided in the links above. The City of Rosenberg Procurement Department does not register vendors or award contracts for these programs.

Interlocal Purchasing Agreements

The City of Rosenberg has existing agreements with other local government entities to establish a cooperative procurement program between the entities. Currently the City has agreements with the following entities:

City of FulshearFort Bend CountyRegion 8 Education Service Center
City of Missouri CityHarris CountyState of Texas
City of Pearland

City of Plano

City of Sugar Land

Learn More About Cooperative Procurement

To learn more about what cooperative procurement is and how to become involved whether you are a supplier, governmental entity or citizen. Please visit the National Cooperative Procurement Partners website. 

The National Cooperative Procurement Partners, also known as NCPP, is North America’s premier association for cooperative procurement, leading the way in elevating the discussion, advocacy, and educational content surrounding cooperative procurement. Working collaboratively to bring all the partners in procurement together—cooperative organizations, strategic suppliers with cooperative contracts, affiliated organizations, and public procurement professionals—their mission is to produce meaningful resources to support public procurement agencies and become the go-to association for cooperative procurement.

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