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Hudson Products Expansion to Add 150 Fort Bend Jobs

(Fort Bend County, Texas – May 17, 2017) The Fort Bend County Commissioners Court along with the State of Texas have approved a number of incentives that will see Hudson Products bring 150 new jobs to Fort Bend County
over the next three years.
The direct, indirect and induced economic output from the expansion of Hudson Products is estimated at nearly $1.2 billion.
Hudson Products, a leading global heat transfer solutions company providing air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) and axial floor fans, is headquartered outside of Rosenberg and currently employs 366 people. The company has developed approximately 160 of the 260 acres it owns to house five office buildings and nine primary manufacturing and warehouse buildings. It was looking to consolidate its existing ACHE manufacturing operations from Oklahoma to its subsidiary Hudson Products de Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico, drawn by cheaper labor and facility expansion costs. Partners in the Mexican facility, established in 1985, would have paid for half of the costs to expand.
To bring the expansion to Fort Bend County instead, the commissioners court approved a 60 percent abatement over 10 years for Hudson Products. The Fort Bend Economic Development Council also worked with Hudson Products to
apply for a Texas Enterprise Fund grant, an economic development tool designed to attract new businesses to the state and expand existing ones. To be eligible for support, a project must demonstrate a significant return on the state’s
investment and strong local support. Hudson Products was awarded $1.02 million for the 150 jobs the company is expected to bring to Fort Bend County.
“Hudson Products has a successful track record of growth and job creation in Texas and the relocation of this manufacturing facility is a testament of that success,” said Governor Greg Abbott. “I am excited to welcome their Tulsa operation to the Lone Star State, and am proud of Hudson Products’ commitment to generating more jobs and economic development in an area they have long called home.”
Precinct 1 County Commissioner Vincent Morales, Jr., also is excited about the job growth.
“The impact these 150 jobs will have on Fort Bend County is tremendous,” Morales said. “We are growing the tax base, growing the job base and bringing more residents into west Fort Bend County who will live, shop and eat here.”
The City of Rosenberg also approved a 10-year non-annexation agreement with Hudson Products. The company is in Rosenberg’s extra-territorial jurisdiction.
“Hudson Products continues to be one of the top employers in Fort Bend County, and we are pleased to be able to partner with the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court and the State of Texas in helping to facilitate the expansion
of Hudson Products in Fort Bend County,” said Rosenberg Mayor Cynthia McConathy.
Grady Walker, chairman and chief executive officer of Hudson Products, says he is happy to grow the Fort Bend facility.
“Hudson Products has been in Fort Bend County since 1972, and has seen the county grow considerably,” he said. “Many entities at work have been extremely supportive of our continued operations here and expansion. We are glad that our decision to expand in Fort Bend will contribute so significantly.”
In an economic development report compiled by Impact DataSource, the state is expected to receive $293,259 in revenue during construction of the 51,600-squarefoot facility, and a total of $15,783,565 collected by the state during the facility’s first 10 years of operations. The direct, indirect and induced impact of the 150 new jobs — including indirect jobs and induced jobs created to support the new workers and their families — total $1,192,901,135 during 10 years of Hudson Products operations.
“Coupled with the action earlier this year by the commissioners court and city of Rosenberg to bring TexPharma into the Rosenberg Business Park, we now have up to 650 new jobs coming to Fort Bend County,” said Jeff Wiley, president and chief executive officer of the Fort Bend Economic Development Council. “Fort Bend’s favorable work environment is helping Fort Bend grow and become a more attractive place for all who live and work here.”