Why a bond election?

The City of Rosenberg is proposing a 2023 Bond Election to address needs for new facilities. Due to the City’s financial management policies, the bonds will be issued without increasing the debt tax rate for our residents. The City’s Facilities Master Plan, accepted by City Council in 2015, outlined needs related to City facilities and the City’s ability to continue to provide the level of service expected by our residents given the current and projected growth trends. The needs identified in the study were reprioritized based on current conditions, and level of importance to City operations.

 Two new facilities are being proposed: 

A.   Emergency Services Complex (proposed location Highway 36 at Fairgrounds Road, near the Rosenberg Civic Center) including Fire Station No. 4, Fire Administration, and an Emergency Operations Center, and

 B.   Public Services Complex (proposed location on Airport Road near the current Parks and Recreation facility) including offices, shop space and warehouse space for Public Works, Utilities, Fleet Maintenance, Building Maintenance, City Engineer, Capital Projects and Parks Departments.  The Public Services Complex will also include a fueling system and a wash bay for all city vehicles and equipment.

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1. Why a bond election?
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