RAD Training

R.A.D. Basic Physical Defense is the cornerstone of the R.A.D. systems. R.A.D is not just about self-defense against rape, it also focuses on how to defend yourself against any type of violence. The course begins with talking about risk factors and the importance of being observant. Participants will understand the importance of their voice, which is their most important weapon of self-defense. Instructors will identify personal weapons women can use to defend themselves and identify vulnerable locations on the person who is attacking them. Instructors will introduce different striking techniques and they will be able to practice one on one with the instructor. Instructors are the only individuals allowed to take “strikes”. Instructors will introduce techniques on how to get out of chokes, bear hugs and other restraints. Each session is designed to add another techniqueAdd a subheading/option of self-defense without overwhelming the participant. 

This R.A.D. course for women focuses on 4 risk factors of self-defense: 

  • Risk awareness
  • Risk reduction
  • Risk recognition
  • Risk avoidance

This 8-hour course is spread over two weeks with either a total of four 2-hour classes taking place, or two 4-hour classes taking place. 

Participants must sign a waiver prior to beginning the course. 

Location: Rosenberg Civic Cener, 3825 Highway 36 S, Rosenberg, TX 77471 

This course is intended for females only.

Class dates will be posted at a future date. If you have any questions, please call our Community Relations Unit at 832-595-3710.