Interactive Web Maps

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The interactive web maps are created using ArcGIS for Server to provide the data and ArcGIS Online to produce the web map application. The interactive maps have been optimized for use with larger screens but will work with smart phones if needed. View help with getting started using the interactive web maps (PDF). 

General Purpose

Use the General Purpose web map to locate a property and gain information about:

  • City limits
  • Extraterritorial jurisdiction
  • Council Districts
  • Subdivisions
  • Municipal utility districts (MUDs)
  • Public parks

Annexations and Development Agreements

  • Use the Annexations and Development Agreements web map to explore the City of Rosenberg’s history of annexations.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Zones

  • Use the Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Zones web map to explore the National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL).

Planning and Development

  • Use the Planning and Development web map to explore the possibilities for developing a location. This map includes tabs for:
  • Abstracts
  • City limits and ETJ
  • Corridor standards
  • Council Districts
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency flood zones
  • MTP
  • MUDs
  • Sign districts
  • Subdivisions