Seniors & First Responders

The Rosenberg Police Department is committed to protecting and serving our community. A responsibility of serving our community is improving quality of care and our relationship with senior members of the community. To accomplish this goal, Chief Jonathan White has implemented the Seniors and First Responders (SAFR) program at the Rosenberg Police Department.SAFR 1

About the Program

The SAFR program will be used to better connect our Department with the senior members of our community. Officers may drive by the senior’s residence or call them to make sure they are doing well. Those who sign up can also submit health information. This will ensure first responders have the necessary information available to them if a medical emergency occurs in the future. Sign up today or register a family member.


If you are related to a senior who may need check-ins from the Police Department, consider registering for the Seniors and First Responders program.

Intended Participants

This program is intended for those seniors who may live alone or may not have day to day contact with family members or neighbors.